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Official Website - Enis Todorov (Enis-FS)
I am Enis Todorov from Bulgaria, Sofia. I am pursuing freestyle football since June 2010 year. It is not only sport off clips on the internet. I have done many live performances in Bulgaria. I got part in many tournaments and I have won some of them. For me freestyle football is not only hobby but it is reason for life. Freestyle is not magic it is hard work!

Name: Enis Todorov 

Birthday: 21.05.1997  

Place of birth: Sofia, Bulgaria

Favourite trick: Beck Atw

Freestyler since: 2010

Hometown: Sofia

Канала ми в YouTubeКанала ми в YouTube.
My channel in YouTube.
Official Website - Enis Todorov (Enis-FS)
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